Engiselle performs data analytics on operations, identify patterns, unobvious correlations, understand the reasons for ups and downs and thus, revealing the opportunities and threats. This allows the organisation to gather actionable insights on customer behaviours, employees’ performances, suppliers, and partners’ interactions.

We also analyse historical and real-time data simultaneously for better estimation, resource planning, and rapid response to changing market conditions. We provide access to data even without a technical background and create visually rich dashboards, insightful reports, custom alerts to detect anomalies and spot trends.


Business Intelligence implementation on data and the ability to derive insights from that data is the most valuable resource for sustaining and growing businesses.

Building sustainable infrastructure around BI solutions, integrating data warehouses, establishing ETL pipelines for data storing and preparation. Embedding a BI functionality into desktop, cloud, web, mobile apps, and other systems. So, you get a complex and autonomous BI ecosystem specifically tailored to your company’s needs and industry peculiarities.

We bring our profound expertise to handle all aspects of the BI development lifecycle — from the requirements stage to launch, maintenance and a market-ready business intelligence solution.

Expand the in-house business intelligence capabilities. We assemble a turn-key BI development team that strengthens organisation’s capacity.