who we are

Engiselle is a data technology company founded in Singapore.

The company specialises in consultancy, creation and integration solutions to help in our customers’ business growth. With Business Intelligence capability, we collect data and translate it to useful insights to assist clients to achieve services excellence and business goals.


We help organizations to optimize growth in the everchanging world.


We create Cloud & Mobile service offerings that enable our customer with highly efficient operations and adaptability to everchanging market needs.

Radical Integrity

Doing business in an ethical manner and protecting our client's interest legally.

People First

Empowering every individual to realize their full aspiration and have fun in their work.

Inclusive Allyship

We value our differences ,building our customer and partner relationship with respect, trust and diversity.

Process Optimization

Building the best-in-class products through process simplification, AI and data analytics.

Why Choose Us

Work with a Dedicated

Engiselle enable clients to become top-class businesses and creating long-term partner relationships.

We take ownership and continuous improvement as our first concern. acting with an owner mentality, developing our people and helping improve communities and the global environment.

Fulfilling our commitment of building a better, stronger and more efficient company. Empower each individual employee with the skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively and be customer centric.